Relationship reports

Relationships must be one for the most intriguing and challenging aspects of life; be it with a family member, colleague, boss, a friend or an intimate relationship, even a business.

Why is it that some relationships are easier than others? It is ultimately each person’s responsibility to make a success of the relationship, right? Understanding your own energy vibration in relationships is the first step. Second is to understand the energy connection you have with someone. Knowing the strengths and challenges in that relationship will guide you towards achieving success, if that is what you want.

relationship reports

What is a relationship report?

A relationship report is an in-depth analysis of the energy connection between two people. The report is for life, it never changes, and it will explain many things about you, your partner, and how the two of you interact. Having said that, it is not in any way meant to tell you whether or not you will be successful as a couple or in the relationship. That success is always in your hands.

No matter what connections you share, relationships can be successful only if both partners want it and are willing to commit to making it happen. However, you may discover just how easy or challenging that may be for the two of you. 

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