Counselling for couples

All of our current issues in life have their roots in childhood, no matter how good our childhood may have been. How we express ourselves later in life, is based on who we think, or have been taught to believe, we are. To cope with the many challenges we experience, we also learn addictive behaviours of many different types to help us cope. Invariably, our closest relationships will bear the brunt of our unresolved pain.

Love or chemistry is what generally brings couples together. Conflict, often in the form of pets, children, money or “another person” is often what leads to their separation or desire for separation. However, conflict is also a great teacher and it requires all of our five senses to be able to grow through it. 

Using the 5 senses

  1. We often don’t listen to the hidden messages, or we don’t want to hear what we need to.
  2. We often don’t see eye to eye because we want to be right.
  3. We often taste bitterness because we get trapped in the mundane and lose sight of the sweetness that brought us together.
  4. We can also lose touch with our own emotions, so we feel misunderstood or ignored.
  5. Things can start to smell sour, our imagination builds all kinds of scenarios, real or not.

All of this leads to withdrawal from the very reasons we first were drawn to. Couples counselling helps us to at least rediscover ourselves, and often, each other. If we cannot rediscover each other, counselling can help us go in different directions, at peace rather than at conflict with each other. After all, all of life, is a journey to be explored.

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