Nutrition & fitness guidance

As maintaining a healthy body and mind requires proper nutrition and regular exercise, our sessions will sometimes include such guidance.

nutritional and fitness guidance

Nutrition guidance

Diet books, diet fads, diet research – much of it relevant, much of it not. What most books, diets, diet fashions, don’t take into account, is that YOU are an individual, with your own tastes, needs, physique, habits and history.

Enid is passionate about good health and her recommendations are intended to help you discover your nutritional profile. Healthy eating means consuming the correct quantities of the correct food type for you – taking into account the foods you may be intolerant to and discovering foods which you may not realize you are addicted to.

Understanding how YOUR body interacts with nutrition, goes a long way to getting you to experience a “healthy appetite for life” Enid believes that Healthy Food can be just as delicious – let her creative approach show you the way to tasty, exciting, well presented meals.

Exercise guidance

Just as in diets, there are many forms of exercise, with differing targets and outcomes. Many people tend to focus on one type of exercise, yet they never really feel fit. The two main types of exercise are:

AEROBIC or cardiovascular exercise, which include walking, cycling, moderate running, swimming – in other words, getting the heart to work at an increased rate, sustained over a certain period.

ANAEROBIC or strength exercises – which enhance power and increase muscle mass. Strength exercise uses resistance to muscle contraction to build strength, endurance, and muscle size – using weights, or weighted machines that oppose muscle contraction.

What form of exercise is best for you?

Not everyone benefits from all types of exercise – and that is why it is a good idea to work with someone who has a broad spectrum knowledge regarding the best exercise for you which aims at enjoyment as well as the desire to continue. Exercise advice is not a consultation on its own – it is incorporated with a full holistic session.

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