Breakthrough counselling

Breakthrough is a 7 step process. A journey which helps uncover our rigid, unconscious and often self-imposed restrictions. It’s really the ” inside job” of learning to understand the nature of our defences – and how they control us – because we allow them to.

So, this is not a course of self-improvement. It is more the discovery of the split off aspects of the psyche, and how those effects cause us to blame or overreact to life’s events. Often seemingly inconsequential events – the kind of events that trap us into constantly seeking external validation.

This in turn leads us to become trapped in a cycle of victim-blame consciousness. Breakthrough helps to expose our deep seated, unconscious beliefs that lead us to defensive, reactive, rather than responsive behaviour. This is not about becoming a “better person” – swapping one mask for another, it’s about uncovering those rigid, unconscious, distorting attitudes, which become so habitual, we don’t even realise we are part of them.

breakthrough counselling

The 7-step process

The seven steps process starts an inner journey that leads us towards reclaiming our natural, rightful way of “being” – to experience wholeness.

Initially the client has one or two counselling sessions to help them reach an understanding of the concepts relating to habitual reactive behaviour and how that behaviour happens almost automatically – “unconsciously”. Thereafter, the client is guided through the 7 step process, and is able to reach an understanding, or “awareness” of the issues that keep triggering the reactive response, in a safe, supportive environment. 

This very often removes the need for long analytical processes, as the technique of becoming aware of one’s defences and reactions is more of a deductive process – empowering one to step beyond self-imposed patterns of behaviour.

Breakthrough Counselling is offered by DALE FOX (BA Psych. CMI. CST. RN. RM. OTT. REIKI MASTER)

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