Enabling the body to heal naturally

DNA Express is a natural health practice focussing on helping those with a busy lifestyle or health complications restore their bodies to a natural state of wellness.

We offer a selection of natural health therapies aimed at restoring equilibrium in both body and mind, which enhances the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. Our clients typically experience an increased sense of wellbeing, a reduction in discomfort or pain and a greater sense of purpose.

Dale Fox – Natural Health Practitioner

Dale Fox

Dale Fox – Natural health practitioner

BA Psych, CMI, CST, RN, RM, OTT, Reiki Master, CranioSacral Therapist, MindScape Instructor, Breakthrough Facilitator & Animal Communicator.

Dale is a life-long student (or perhaps a slow learner!) of all things holistic and alternative. Coming from an allopathic professional background, which gave her a solid grounding in anatomy and physiology, she always felt drawn to look beyond the restrictive (in her opinion) purely scientific way of doing things. “Einstein taught that good science is about dis-proving a theory” – proving something is often easier than disproving it, not to mention the intriguing concept of “the observer effect” in all things in life.

Following a period as a member of Prof. Chris Barnard’s Heart Transplant team, the untimely death of her father resulted in a long and successful career in the steel and engineering field, which also allowed her to develop her “people skills” at all levels, and to this end, as the perennial student, she trained in several holistic fields, as well as completing her degree in Psychology – “to help me when I felt trapped by the left brain logical world of corporate business”.

Holistic and natural health

Entrepreneurial skills came easily, mostly because of her love of people and their diversity. “I have never met anyone, that I have NOT learned anything from. Not always painlessly, I might add, but then when you stick your foot out, you must expect it to occasionally be trodden on”.  Trading and training – mixing with people of all walks of life, eventually led her to making the shift from the business world, to the world of natural health.

As an integrated Natural Health Practitioner, she combines all her skills and years of experience, to offer a combination approach to her client’s well-being.

Dale offers Craniosacral Therapy, which she often combines with Breakthrough Counselling.  She also teaches MindScape  Beyond Right Brain, Nature’s Language and Reiki.  Dale also offers Animal Communication, which ties in with her world view that all living things deserve respect and acknowledgement; this helps her to assist clients according to their particular needs.

As a travelling lecturer, she is often away from her base practice, but continues to work on clients all over the country – all adding to her own learning experience. She has also been profiled in Magazines and SABC TV “Healing Power of Nature”.

Enid Fox – Natural Health Practitioner

Enid Fox

Enid Fox – Natural health practitioner

CBP, ADV Mod 3,6 & 9, Nutritional Advisor, Fitness Trainer, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator,
Numerologist and CranioSacral Therapist.

Enid’s health challenges in 2011 steered her towards the MindScape course with Dale Fox, which she completed in April 2012. Shortly after, she developed a keen interest in BodyTalk. In June 2012, she joined Wilma Grobbelaar on her BodyTalk Fundamentals Course in Cape Town, and qualified as a CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner) in May 2013. In her ongoing quest for deeper understanding of the many factors that affect us on all levels, she also studied and graduated as a Reiki Master.

Incorporating all of these modalities, including the intuitive powers she developed, she is able to offer her clients what is most appropriate for them – which means that each client is seen as a unique individual with specific needs.

A journey toward natural health

Enid’s growing practice in Cape Town includes Animal Communication and BodyTalk for both people and their animal companions, as well as CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki.

On her journey, she studied Health, Fitness & Exercise at Telford College in Edinburg, Scotland, and Nutrition & Body Analysis at Damelin College in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been profiled as an Animal Communicator on KykNet Television, as well as in Wellness and Odysseys magazines.

Says Enid; “Everything in our lives is connected. We are being affected by our environment, in both relationships and our surroundings. I strive to achieve optimum health on all levels of the Body, Mind and Soul for my clients.

“Allow me to guide you in empowering YOURSELF to take responsibility for your own healing, on all levels. I look forward to what we can accomplish together.”