Animal communication

We are all born with an ability to communicate – though we don’t always understand this communication. As children we could all tap into animals and nature, and could understand them.  However, as we became influenced by the greater world, we were encouraged to follow it’s mechanical routes rather than our intuitive ones. 

Animals help us to reconnect to this gift through re-connecting to our gift of intuition. And the more we work with our intuition, the stronger it gets. If you love animals, then on some level you are already engaged in animal communication. 

animal communication

Bridging the divide

Animals often communicate with us in a way that we understand – be it via “the voice in my head”, or showing images which convey feelings, attitudes and experiences, even body language. It can also include other sensations such as smell and taste. The communicator, in turn, can describe these images and sensations in words to owners so they can understand the animals’ feelings or troubles.

Of course, those who are not so in touch with their intuition will often think a person is odd, but if you can get information from “Google” why not from an animal? Or any sentient being, for that matter?

Knowing how to use a computer allows you to access all the information “out there” – animals are like that too – they allow you to access information via simple techniques.

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