Imagination Station Course

Taught to children (Preteens age 9 – 11 and now also Teenagers age 12 – 14), this course teaches the principles of Right Brain in a fun and engaging way.

  • Online live-stream: 4 hours.

About Imagination Station

This course teaches how to use right brain (the intuitive mind) concepts in a fun and engaging way. Enid Fox has taught children since 2016 to use their wonderful creative imagination as a TOOL for school work, problem solving, sports activities, dealing with peer pressure and bullying, connecting with animals and more. The course teaches children at an early age to strive towards their true potential, which encourages growth beyond perceived limitations and builds emotional intelligence.

Course goals / structure

The online class is limited to 5 children (min 3) to ensure that each child gets all the attention they need. Daydreaming is turned into a positive tool. It is a must for children who want to increase their mental abilities. It is Enid’s passion to empower children and use her mentorship experience (2012-2016) from the corporate world, with University students effectively, by including 2 private mentor *sessions with each child after the course; this imprints confidence to use the techniques.

Imagination Station tools can be used throughout the child’s educational years.

Online Course Outline (Total of 4 hours):

  • Pre-course online meeting with parents and/or guardians to understand each child’s strengths and weakness: 30 mins.
  • Online course 2.5 hours (with a break). Assessment email and course material sent afterwards.
  • First Mentorship online class assesses the child’s progress and further practice – 30 mins.
  • Second Mentorship online class assesses the child’s progress and further practice – 30 mins.
  • Graduation – certificate emailed.
  • Ongoing Mentorship support and additional classes may be booked in addition to the course package.


“I sent my 10 year old son to the Imagination Station course last year and since that time I can see a big change in him. The most important thing is he doesn’t come to me anymore and complain that he is bored; there is more focus on studying and he has started sleeping in his room. He is also more confident because he thinks he has answers and solutions for everything. I strongly recommend this amazing course to all parents.”

– Neda, an Iranian mother living in Johannesburg

“Imagination Station gave me the tools to fully utilise my mind to reach my full potential in every aspect of life. I recently faced some internal exams in school and by using Imagination Station I achieved the best results of my school career. Imagination Station helps you prepare for any difficult situation you face in life. You can use this skill to help you with anything from recovering from an illness to planning a great trip. Imagination Station gives you a great advantage in life and anyone can use it.”

– Imagination Station Student, 2017

Imagination Station course

Course Fees – 2023

  • South Africa: Group tuition fee: R1900  |  Private tuition fee:  R2800
  • United Kingdom:Group tuition fee: £160  |  Private tuition fee:  £ 220
  • Europe: Group tuition fee: €160  |  Private tuition fee:  € 220
  • Australia: Group tuition fee: $260  |  Private tuition fee:  $ 310
  • New Zealand: Group tuition fee: $260  |  Private tuition fee:  $ 310
  • Kenya: Group tuition fee: $170  |  Private tuition fee:  $ 225
  • USA: Group tuition fee: $220  |  Private tuition fee:  $ 320

 For other countries, please email us to make a booking.

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