Beyond Right Brain

A continuation of a magic journey called Life.

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This 2 day course takes your Mindscape skills to an advanced level. Mindscape as a tool, is limitless, but we often don’t realize what that means. Beyond Right Brain teaches you how to “Live within The Field” – in order to access what you haven’t yet imagined. Workshop is enhanced – “tweaked” to show you the great and increasing power, of your right brain. 


South Africa:   RANDS 7550

Namibia:   RANDS 7550

Kenya:   USD 595

USA, UK and Europe:   USD 620

Australia:   AUD 765

Maylasia:   AUD 765

New Zealand:   NZD 790

Singapore:   AUD 765

India:   USD 450

NOTE: MindScape  and a minimum of 6 months experience plus mini MindScape workshops are a prerequisites for this course.

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After 2 years of Mindscape practice, BRB is definitively bringing me a much larger and deeper picture of how we can rely on the field faster and anytime. We can play with so many options and obtain results using so many ways. It is endless.

Added to this the presentation of concepts like numerology, shamanic tools etc... the explanations on the brain's activity etc... was also very fun and instructive to be able to make a right interpretation of the signs.... and better understanding on the experience.
It really brought me to another level of the journey I've started.....Thank you ~ Nathalie Jeanneau: Africa Director


BRB is a truly unique & uplifting experience, which broadens one's horizons beyond expectations. ~ Helanie Olivier: Winemaker Western Cape South Africa